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How to manage a scattered team?

How to manage a scattered team?

10 June 2020

Whatever its actual geographic spread, it’s as if every team was at least partially scattered. Increasingly the office is a split space: more and more office workers tend to work in multiple spaces—at home, in coworking spaces of cafés, and at the office. **Therefore knowing how to manage a scattered team is more and more critical for all managers.**

There are many related issues: inventing new rituals, using the right tools and understanding the pros and cons of each, focusing on leadership and culture, protecting employees’ time and health outside the confines of a single office, understanding the rules of project-based work, and unlocking the potential of cross-cultural teams.

This eBook aims to provide a big picture view of how to manage a scattered team and why it matters, as well as concrete use cases and practical tips to improve team collaboration.

In this e-book

See the recent surveys about France: 29% of France’s private sector employees worked remotely some of the time in 2018, up from 25% in 2017.

To some extent, most companies are faced with increasingly scattered teams due to the rise of ubiquitous work options.

A recent Harvard study has found that employees in open-plan offices spend 73% less time in face-to-face interactions and increased their email and messaging communication by over 67%.