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The war for tech talent is declared: how can employers wage it?

The war for tech talent is declared: how can employers wage it?

10 June 2020

If there is one category of profiles that stands out amongst others in the world of recruitment today, it is the technical ones. We are dealing with a fast-changing technology landscape and tech engineers, developers and data scientists have become a precious resource for companies eager to conquer their market.

But what makes tech profiles so special in the eyes of recruiters and what value can they create for the businesses they work for? Discover our analysis on how to attract, recruit and retain developers.

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For sure, technical talents are aware of both their value and rarity and do not hesitate to ask for major salaries and benefits. However, attracting good talents is much more than just money deals and promises of comfort.

According to Stack Overflow’s last survey based on 100 000 developers around the world, 74% of them are employed full-time while 9.7% are independent contractors, 5.6% are employed part-time and only 6.1% have no job or are searching one.

With more than 47 million of web users in France, developers are the most-searched profiles. The presence on the internet and apps is more crucial than ever for any business expansion and competitiveness goals.